CATALOGNEO farm is located in Ratchaburi Province where is suitable for orchids growing. With the help network system, the orders from all over the world can be sent to the farm directly.​

The farm is separated into eight regions according to their species raised by the skilful farmers. Each region is administrated by the supervisor and sufficient farmers to guarantee the quality of orchids.

Welcome to our farm in Ratchaburi Province. We will go all along with you. It is possible that you will fall in love with the beautiful orchids and natural environment.

We grow orchids in Ratchaburi. Our field is focusing on the production of fresh-cut orchids, blooms, flasks, and cutting of orchids including Mokara, Dendrobium, Aranthera, Oncidium, Vanda, and Anthurium. Moreover, as we have good relationships with our suppliers, we also offer other products such as Dracaena, Leaves, Heliconia, and Tropical flowers. Our team is constantly improving the quality of our plant. Our orchid labs are focusing on the development of new orchid hybrid with longer vase life and bigger blooms. We can be one-stop service center where we could provide you all the floral products from Thailand. With our packing factory, our customers never concern about the quality and delivery timing of our products.

Thailand orchid farm, Easy plant farm ,Pot plant farm
Thailand orchid farm, Easy plant farm ,Pot plant farm

Several hours after collecting the flowers from the field, our post-harvest processing is continued in our full-scale packing factory with the conveyor belts. Our factory facility includes two cooling rooms, a packing house, 2 sorting stations with quality control, 15 packing stations, pressurised water pushing machine, box packing machine, R/O water system, and two fumigation room. Initially, from the farm, we handle the flowers with care to avoid possible damage (cutting, crushing, bruising) that might occur to our flowers. Using truck with air-conditioning system provides the optimal temperatures and maintain in cool condition until arriving to the factory.


Thailand orchid farm, Easy plant farm ,Pot plant farm
Thailand orchid farm, Easy plant farm ,Pot plant farm
Thailand orchid farm, Easy plant farm ,Pot plant farm

In the packing factory, at the beginning of packing process, we sort the flowers and handpick the orchids one by one. While the water running in our process has been filtered and treated with UV to minimise microbes before using in our flower food solution, packing solution, and cleaning, we also apply special techniques to maintain and lengthen the shelf life of flowers with our mixed solution to preserve the flowers.


This solution will be put in a tube by using pressurised water pushing machine to accelerate the process and avoid microbes from the human hand. with our solution, the flower shelf life will be extended to be at least 14-21 days in good condition. From the beginning of the process until delivery, the temperature and humidity will be controlled to maintain the quality and longevity of flowers. The last process in the packing factory is the fumigation process, our factory can also fumigate the flowers If customers need. With the special technique, we can also maintain the best shelf life of orchids as well. For the shipping process, we also cooperate with trustworthy shipping agents to deliver orchids to your destination on time.


Den. Red Sonia

Den.Juree Red

Den. 5N White

Den. Pim Pun Red

Den. Nopporn Pink

Den. Miss Siam Red









109 Moo 4 Tambon Don Kha Bang Pa-in Ratchaburi 70160​

Thailand orchid farm, Easy plant farm ,Pot plant farm


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